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After returning to our Nira Montana, a cosy, design hotel in which I have stayed for the past few days, I go to the spa, where I soak my legs and enjoy some bubbles. I suddenly feel ravenous. The Four-Square City app is pre-installed on the Summit and allows you to search for interesting places when traveling.Breitling Colt Replica Watches As I browse the list of restaurants and fun places, a text message appears on the dial. "We will be meeting in the lobby for dinner at Les Granges at 7pm." I click the quick reply button to "I'm heading there."

Les Granges is a local institution where we eat way more than we should but the food is so good that we can't resist. The owner suggests a Coupe de l'amitie. The voice-activated translation function reveals that it is a "friendship glass," but I still don't know what it is. Our host tells me it's a local custom where a large, wooden cup with multiple spouts filled with hot local liquor is passed around the dining table. Only one rule: don't put it down and keep drinking until you finish! It probably wasn't a good idea considering we were going to be trying the downhill mountain-bike course the next morning,butourfriendship was sealed!

We discover the next day that La Thuile has one of Europe's best mountain biking parks and trails, featuring 220km. In both 2014 and 2016, it was the site of the fourth leg in the Enduro World Series. This is not a good idea considering my mountain-bike experience! Two cable cars, the Bosco Express or Chalet Express,diamond hublot big bang replica take bikers with their bikes up to an altitude of 2,600m.

The wind is chilly and there's snow at the top. Our guide Luca from Scuola Di MTB LaThuile takes us down one of the easier trails. It is thrilling to speed down the mountain. Our Norco Range Carbon mountain bike has front disk brakes, which even an amateur like myself feels like I'm not doing too bad!