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The SkyWay station is where we return, cold, but elated, to eat a delicious lunch of local cheeses, meats, and polenta. Italians can feast at the summit of a mountain.

I am at 10,600 steps already. I then enjoy the panoramic ride,Breitling Avenger Replica Watches while changing the dial's appearance by switching between the electronic replicas for the 1858 Automatic, 1858 Chronograph, 1858 Small Seconds and two TimeWalker versions. It's so much fun that I forget to look out the window.

We will visit the thermal baths in Pre-Saint-Didier, where iron-rich water is gushing from the heart the mountains. Since Roman times, this thermal spring has relieved aches and discomforts. The spa's magnificent 1838 building is home to this historic spa. Over 40 thermal activities are available, including mud baths, music therapy baths, Turkish baths and thermal baths. My favorite is the rain room, where warm water is poured on you as you lay down.

We are tired and satisfied, so we head to the Lo Tata Restaurant in La Thuile's hamlet, La Petite Golette, to sample the local cuisine. This includes authentic Italian pasta, barbecued meats,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Replica Watches and traditional Italian pizzas. Local wines accompanied the meal, and we were able to roll all the way to our hotel. The Summit is a great place to eat!

The thermal baths of Pre-Saint-Didier

Alberto leads us on a hike the next day to the Rutor falls, which boasts three of the most impressive waterfalls in Aosta Valley. The Rutor torrent is fed by several small lakes on the north-west side of the Rutor Glacier. This walk will take you through some of Northern Italy's most beautiful scenery. It will also trace the history of La Thuile's old coal and silver mines as we pass abandoned mining installations and homes that remind us of the hard life of the mountain people in the 19th century.