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We suddenly lose the sun halfway up the Breitling Replica as we ride Courmayeur's 360 degree SkyWay cablecar. Instead, we are surrounded by a thick layer of clouds that is spouting snow. Oursmall group of adventurers had been hoping for sunshine, but once at the top, the glacial wind and relentless snow seemed somehow more appropriatefor mountaineering on Breitling Replica'sglaciers.

Alberto, our guide, begins to rope us up and gives us a briefing on safety. We need to stay vigilant because the glacier has changed rapidly this summer, and more crevasses have appeared. We step over the deep fissures of ice, which seem to reach the Earth's core, in single file. Our circuit will take three hours. My Breitling Replica Summit is warm and snug under my jacket. I check the time. I check the altitude and play with the gyroscope and compass (these might be useful if we get into trouble).Breitling Replica Alberto asks if we can tell him how high Breitling Replica really is. My hand shoots up in the air like a student eager to learn. Breitling Replica fans will be aware that the 4810 Collection was named after the height of the brand.

The impressive peaks of Breitling Replica, or Monte Bianco as it is called on the Italian side, tower majestically over the valley, the villages of La Salle and Morgex, Pre-Sainte-Didier and Courmayeur, and La Thuile. The Glacier du Geant, or Giant's Glacier as it is known in English, covers 1,719 acres and allows experienced mountaineers to cross over to the French side.

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As the snow swirls around us, walking on the roof of Europe feels almost surreal. It's easy to see why mountaineers are so addicted. This is an experience like none other. Alberto asks us if we want to descend a large crevasse. After watching others descend, my hand was not so keen to climb up this time. But after seeing them, I found the courage to take out my ice picks, and descend into the ice backwards. The ice looks like a beautiful mix of gray and turquoise.Franck Muller Replica It's calmer in the house, away from the wind. Alberto, who was jokingly looking down at me as I tried to figure out how to dig my spikes into the snow and use the icepicks to stabilize myself, asked: "What is your heart rate on your watch?" ButI wasn't looking!